Fried Chicken and Waffles
3 piece combo.  belgian waffle.  maple syrup.

Crispy Adobo Wings
the original recipe.  adobo glaze.


Sriracha – Jalapeño Buffalo Wings
spicy! our secret sauce recipe.  ranch.


BT Fish and Chips
local cod filet.  rotating pale ale batter.   old bay.
malt vinegar aioli.   house fries.


Chicken Sandwich
fried cutlet.  house buffalo sauce.  cabbage slaw. 
colby jack.   ‘bulldog’ aioli.   house fries.


BT Burger
korean marinated chuck and bison.   tomato. 
colby jack.   chili aioli.  house fries.


Pork and Cabbage Sando
cuban style braised pork shoulder.  hoisin bbq. 
pickled red onion.  coleslaw.  house fries.

Granola, Yogurt & Berries
yogurt bowl.  granola.  honey.
strawberries.   blueberries.   raspberries.


Breakfast Congee  
fried garlic.  smoked bean curd.  sesame oil.
dark soy.  ginger.   scallions.   63 degree poached egg.
+  pork or chicken


Hangover Hash
sisig pork medley hashbrowns.  cheese. 
two eggs your way.   pan de sal rolls.


egg.  salsa verde.  cotija cheese.  pico de gallo.
sour cream.   avocado.  cilantro.  tortilla chips.
+  pork or chicken


The Pig Out
longanisa sausage.  pork tocino.  bacon.
2 eggs your way.  hash browns.


Biscuits and Gravy
two buttermilk biscuits.  country gravy.  longanisa sausage. 
2 eggs your way.  hash browns.
+ bacon